My First Trendy Tour: Newport Beach & La Jolla

I am so excited to publish my first Trendy Tour! While it was relatively short, my fitness escapades while exploring southern California were anything but disappointing. 

After the IDEA conference ended, I decided to take a solo trip south for a little R&R.; Staying in Escondido, I made my way down the Pacific Coast Highway. First stop, Newport Beach. 

For sand in my toes and salty air? Nope … For yoga. 

Ekam Yoga, Newport Beach

I was introduced to Ekam by Natalie over at Hello Day. She is an ambassador for the studio and recommended I check it out as I drove down the California coast en route to San Diego.

Well, I am oh-so-happy she did. This place was spectacular. 

Upon walking in, I was greeted with a warm welcome. Clean locker rooms, Etsy-esque jewelry and funky yet fun clothing lined the classic white walls of their lobby. And I hadn’t even stepped foot inside the actual studio yet. 

I chose a Vinyasa class which ended up being absolutely perfect for me. I walked into the place where I was to practice and was blown away by the architecture and gallery-like feel of the room. A few paintings lined the wall — enough to create inquiry, but nothing that would distract your practice. 

Our instructor greeted us and asked us what we wanted to work on that day. With all of the juxtaposition of sitting and intense workouts, I agreed with the other student on twists … lots and lots of twists. 

And ring out we did. Like a washcloth full of water, we turned our bodies in different directions and allowed for optimal movement through our back, spine and internal organs.  

Price: $$
Parking: Yes! There is a huge back parking lot for yogis to use as they please.  
Perks: Upon leaving the class, I was presented with a wire basket of ‘chilled eucalyptus towels’. 

I want these after every workout.

Yup, you read that right. Cooled towels with a hint of heaven. Pure bliss and just what you want after an hour of deep breathing and even deeper back bending. 

SparkCycle, La Jolla 

Lobby of SparkCycle

When I started teaching at Turnstyle Cycle I was quickly introduced to SparkCycle through one of my colleagues. Having been the master instructor out in Cali, my friend had recommended I check out the boutique studio if I had time. 
Time? I’ve got nothin’ but when it comes to indoor cycling 🙂 
So on Monday, I packed up my rent-a-car and drove down to La Jolla for a 9 a.m. class with none other than the owner of this adorable studio. 
Stephanie and I — Love this girl! 
From riding to the beat of the music to some very challenging arm exercises, this class royally kicked my butt  in a good way! 
Post class, we were given chilled towels while we were cooling down. Honestly, I love this idea! Looking to try out a new studio in SoCal? Here are the deets.  

Price: $$ First class is only $10! After that there are a plethora of package options for you to choose from. 
Parking: Yes! SparkCycle will validate for the garage located right next to the studio  whoop whoop! 

Perks: Bumpin’ music, pristine bikes and chilled towels; Need I say more? Also, their lockers rooms are amazing. Seriously, anything you could ever need! 

Do you like to try out fitness studios while on vacations? Start sharing! 

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