Photo Dump: A Wedding, Spin & One Cute Mom

Time to dump some photos on y’all and let you know what I’ve been up to!

Two weeks ago I was blessed to be a part of my good friends Emma and Brian’s wedding. This was my first time being a bridesmaid  and let’s be real, certainly not my last. 
With the exception of a little snafu regarding my dress in the limo on the way to the ceremony, everything went without a hitch. Or in my dresses case, a zipper. 
I’ve started teaching more … and I love every second. It’s my home. 
If you live in the Boston-area or are coming for a visit I highly encourage you to check out Turnstyle Cycle. We ride to the beat, give you a kick ass workout and basically have a dance party on the bike. 
And my crazy face after teaching my last class of the day. At this point all I can think about is food. 
For the past two weeks I’ve been partaking in the Team J&A; detox. That’s elimination of irritating, addicting and inflammatory foods such as dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeine. 
Well, I have to say it went way better than expected (and will provide a full recap tomorrow). But I’ll tell you this … finding out the foods that trigger your GI issues feels amazing. It’s like understanding a foreign language, except it’s your body. Insanity, I know. 
And lastly … 
I finally got up to my parents house in Maine last weekend. I relaxed, read my book, practiced yoga and wrote. If bliss was a place, this would be it for me. 
Plus my mom is just so darn cute. 
What have you been up to lately? Fill me in.  

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