We’re Going On An Adventure … Again

That’s right friends … Will and I are back at it this week for our 2nd Boston fitness adventure.

And this time, I’m taking him to BARRE.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m introducing this tall (and probably very graceful) endurance athlete to the trending fitness class that makes you take off your shoes, grab a spot at the barre and pulse, pulse, pulse.

However, I have a dirty little secret: I actually don’t particularly enjoy this form of fitness. It’s just not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love classes besides the ones I teach, but barre … just not for me. I’d rather partake in a Pilates, reformer or yoga class.

BUT, this being Will’s first attempt at the muscle-shaking class, I’ll be interested to see what he thinks of it all.

Stay tuned … We should have a full report (and video) coming soon …

What do you think of barre classes? Do you enjoy or dislike them?

I Got A Spray Tan … In My Bedroom

Let’s face it. 

I live in New England where for 9 months of the year it is cold. The sun shines for just a few short hours and the only true warmth you feel comes from the seat warmers in your car or scalding yourself in the shower.
Ugh, it’s not great. 
However, there are ways to negate this feeling of gloom. Especially when you’re skin begins to blend in with blanket of snow that is soon to cover the leaf infested ground. 
It’s called a spray tan and it’s no longer just for celebrities, figure competitors and, well, Snooki. 
About a month ago I was introduced to Lauren  a bright, cheery Bostonian whose idea to build a mobile and organic spray tanning company has taken off. 
The company is called Pure Glow and their mission speaks for itself, 

To encourage healthy habits and provide a safe alternative to tanning in the sun or in an indoor bed. We believe what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. We also believe that when you look good, you feel even better. We make it easy to look great and feel good about your glow.

I was lucky enough to have Lauren come to my house and spray my sad sun-craving skin last Friday. And let me tell you … I’m still glowing, literally.

Not sure if y’all saw this picture from Insta, but with just a light filter I think it speaks for itself.

The color is even, not orange and fades well.

While Lauren was at my house she set up right in my bedroom … which was both convenient and extremely clean. I have white rugs and furniture and not a lick of the bronzer got on it.

Here’s what Pure Glow prides itself on:

– No UV Rays
– Only Organic, Skin Nourishing Ingredients
– Alcohol Free, Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Hypoallergenic

Now before you go thinking, ‘Really Caroline? Spray tanning isn’t something I would ever do. I’d turn  out looking fake.’


Trust me, spray tanning has come a long way since that episode of Friends. If you go to the right place the coverage is even and you walk away feeling healthy and radiant. 
Ross, of Friends, getting his spray tan on. 
Not to mention, coming from someone who sweats for a living (and sometimes takes 3 showers a day), the color holds up. 
So what are you waiting for? Have you ever got a spray tan? Beach season is a long time away and that flight to Miami isn’t getting cheaper. 

Calling All Girls: NBGNO Is Hosting One More Event!

Dear friends, 

I have some GREAT news. 
New Balance is hosting one more fantastic Girls Night Out Event, and they want you to come!
The event theme is called ‘Staying Fit On The Go‘ and is being held on Tuesday, November 4th at 6 p.m. Unlike the other gatherings, NB is throwing this NBGNO at the Westin Copley! 
The night will include your choice of a workout: bootcamp or a run with the Westin Run Concierges, meet and greet as well as tips on staying fit on the go with the NBGNO hosts and of course, appetizers and drinks!
And there’s one more thing … 
I am going to be one of the hosts!! 
The lovely Sherri from Fun Fit Flavor and I will be co-hosting this fun evening — and if any of the past GNO events are any indicators, this event will be exceptional. 
This free event fills up quickly (I’m talking one day!), so RSVP today here.  
So, are you coming??