Our First Adventure: Turnstyle Cycle [VIDEO]

Puddles of sweat and beaming red faces. Yes, that was Will and I after completing our first (of many) fitness adventures!

If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, read this

It began Monday night around 6:15 p.m. when Will and I met over at Turnstyle Cycle in Cambridge. As many of you know, this is where I teach the majority of my cycle and TRX classes each week. I really wanted to kick off this adventure with a BANG.

And we did.

Let’s get one thing straight. Indoor cycling is my baby. A form of fitness that has followed me through college and helped me discover this passion for coaching others to live a healthier lifestyle.

This was Will’s first indoor cycle class.

And while I rode to the beat, I was continuously looking over my should to see how Will was holding up. And the answer was — really well.

Okay, okay — I know he is an endurance athlete, competing in worldwide (yes, GB this past summer) competitions, but I am the kind of gal that looks after those newbies I bring in. Call me crazy but it’s just me. 

End result: He crushed it. And without a doubt, he tried to make everything more of a competition/the most difficult possible.
Example: During one of our “abs” songs, I caught Will ‘crunching’ without the use of his hands … a sign he wanted to up the ante.

At the end of the day, while I was wiping my brow and Will was mopping up his puddle, I was really proud of him. I realized this was just the beginning of a long road of adventures.

Each one being an opportunity for me to realize what it was like to take these classes for the first time — through the eyes of Will. So thank you Mr. Allen for teaching me a thing or two about group fitness. I can’t wait to explore more studios with you.

UMM … and check out this video he made. Unreal.


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