A #NBGNO Experience Like None Other

First and foremost, thank you ALL for being so incredible supportive not only about my first video blog, but also regarding my insecurity.

Y’all are amazing and inspire me daily.

Okay, moving on.

Last week I had the opportunity to co-host the final Boston New Balance Girls Night Out event with my blog friend, Sherri of Fun Fit Flavor (her recap here). And while you know just how much I love me some New Balance, these events are a seriously the bomb dot com.

The theme was Staying Fit & Healthy While Traveling.

There ended up being about 100 ladies — a sold out event hosted at the Westin Copley in Downtown Boston.

Why did NB host it at the Westin you ask? Great question.

NB and Westin hotels have a partnership that is absolutely amazing. Regardless of which Westin you’re staying at you can partake in their ‘gear lending’ as well as their RunWESTIN programs.

Gear lending program
We’ve all been there. You arrive at your hotel and realize you’ve forgotten your, gulp, sneakers. You had full intentions of being healthy at this work conference but now feel down and out about your lack of kicks.

Ding! Stay at a Westin and your problems are solved.

NB has everything from sports bras to socks, crops and sneakers if you’ve left yours at home. For $5 you can rent whatever you need and return it when you’re done.

Pretty sweet.

RunWESTIN program
If you’re like me, you want to actually see the city you’re visiting — and if you can do so on foot, even better.

Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work the RunWESTIN program allows you to take a guided run around town. The special Run Concierge team knows just where to go to give you the best views of the city … and a challenging workout.

At the NBGNO event, the girls had a choice between a 4(ish) mile run with me and the RunWestin Concierge team OR an indoor bootcamp with Sherri led by the RunWestin Concierge himself, Chris!

Seeing our city at night with all of these inspirational ladies was pretty incredible.
Back at the ranch (read: Westin), post-snacks and mid-wine, Sherri and I began out chat regarding staying healthy on-the-go.
We even raffled off an adorable NB roll suitcase! I didn’t win …
In all it was SUCH a fun evening. Between the healthy tips on traveling (which I will post separately later), good food and drink and of course the killer workout, NBGNO will definitely be missed this winter.
Until then ladies, let’s meet up, workout and redefine what it means to have a girls night out 🙂

Images via NB/Fun Fit Flavor

Fitness Adventure 2: Getting Fit at the Barre

Last Wednesday Will and I took our 2nd adventure. We went to a barre class.

That’s right, this tall, blonde endurance athlete and myself unrolled our mat, grabbed our 5lb. weights and found a spot along the ballet barre.

Will getting after it in barre class.

The studio was C2 Pilates in South Boston — a beautiful wood-floored, one-roomed fitness facility filled with light weights, resistance bands and mini stability balls.

I have to admit, barre really isn’t my thing. I love love lifting heavy weights. I get pleasure out of progressing my deadlift and squat, so when it comes to selecting either 2, 3 or 5lb. dumbbells, I’m not amused. Not because I think I can do more, but because I know the high repetitions (and fatigued limbs) that will soon follow will frustrate the heck out of me.

However, I went into this class with an open mind and an even bigger smile. I figured, if Will — who mind you was the only male at this class — could show up eager to workout, so could I.

It didn’t hurt that our instructor, Eliza Nimon, was absolutely incredible. Not only did she make us feel comfortable, but she made sure that we were doing each and every movement correctly.

Pulse, pulse, pulse. 

As my quads were burning from all the minuscule pulsing, I managed to glance at Will … or should I call him ‘Lake Will’. Sweating up a storm, this guy was plié-ing like you wouldn’t believe.

After an hour class filled with squats, crunches and curls, we cooled down and finished up the class. One big high-five with my fitness partner-in-crime and we were on our way.

My takeaways: While I may never be a dancer or choose to participate in weekly barre classes, I found it really beneficial to take Eliza’s class. I found my flexibility could be improved upon as well as my upper body strength.

Looking forward to the next adventure … I wonder where it will take us?

How do you feel about barre? Have you ever taken a class?