1. you look great, girl! I just became an advocare distributor, too! I’m not planning on doing the challenge or really using many of the products (I try to stay away from supplements as much as possible, but I LOVE the catalyst and think it’s fantastic), but I’m excited to be part of the “team”. I’m going to be giving away some spark and slam on my blog later this week (I think)- although everyone raves about spark, i’m weary of caffeine as I don’t drink any these days and don’t feel like I really need it (and don’t want to become dependent on it). thoughts?

    • I. Love. Spark!!! It effects me so differently than coffee. I never get jittery and just feel energized. I hear you on the caffeine though. I would keep it to 1 Spark a day or when you need a little something-something 🙂

  2. love this!!! i’m on whole30 so i’m totally high-fiving you for giving up booze and sugar too. i thought it was going to be hard but it’s actually more refreshing not to be hungover or tired! the only awkward part is social situations, but hey, most people are very understanding. especially this time of year when it seems everyone’s doing their own challenge to better themselves. congrats boo!

  3. Holy stomach, girlfriend! Scales can lie but the photos definitely do not. I miss CarbEase… While it definitely doesn’t make you lose inches even if you eat 5 pounds of pasta (LOL I WISH!), it does keep that icky, omg I ate too much junk yesterday and now I want to die feeling away 😉 I am also a big fan of Clear Mood – I think it took around 4 weeks to start working 100% but when I took it, I felt more in control and I wasn’t waking up in a panic every night, ha.

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