An Ode to 27




Seriously, I’m not sure anything more could have happened to me in my 27th year. I got a new job, started teaching at a fabulous new cycling/TRX studio, my best friend had a baby, my other best friend got engaged, I went to California, spoke at a conference, got asked to host a few New Balance (Girls Night Out) events, became an Athleta Brand Ambassador.

I’m a little tired thinking about it all.IMG_2281

Honestly though, 27 was a HUGE growing year for me. So here I go, a letter to my 27th year, complete with sap and of course some sass.

Dear 27,

Let me begin by thanking you. Your unwavering patience throughout this year did not go unnoticed. From the stressful career decisions to frustrating dating situations, you had my back. You let me sleep peacefully (admittedly sometimes with ZzzQuill) even if I had not reached a conclusion on my choices.

There were moments of fear and hesitation. There were instances involving epiphanies and overflowing joy. In all, this year felt like a fast moving train. Adult decisions were made even though it seems like just yesterday I was still in college.

Most importantly, 27 taught me to value myself, my worth and to never settle.

So for that, I am thankful.

28 looks exciting  full of possibility and joyous celebrations. So, here’s to another year. And of course, continued appreciation and understanding that what I have to offer is truly and utterly unmatched.

With love,


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