5 Reasons to Take a Winter Retreat

Okay, let’s be honest here … there are far more than 5 reasons, but for the sake of time and your attention span, I’m limiting it to a handful.


This past weekend I attended the Food & Fitness Retreat on Martha’s Vineyard. On Friday I packed up my outrageously overstuffed duffle bag, grabbed my yoga mat and headed south to Woods Hole (a little over an hour drive from my house).

Parking my car in the nearby lot was easier than expected. A quick (and free) shuttle ride and I was at the boat, ready to begin my weekend escapades of Namastes and fresh, local foods.


So, if you’re in need of a little break from the winter, I highly suggest getting away for a weekend retreat. Here’s why:

1. It forces you to meet new (and extremely interesting) people


I attended this retreat not knowing a soul. Seriously. I had interviewed the brilliant woman —Emily Phillips, look her up now — running it, but we’d never met face-to-face.

Being in such an intimate environment — nightly dinners together, group workouts and — ahem — wine, allows you to let your guard down and fully get to know these individuals. There were no distractions like TV or internet to shift your focus from conversations.

I can truly say I haven’t felt so listened to for three days straight than I did at this retreat. Because, after all, when you take away your ability to Instagram every moment or Tweet out a thought, it takes away from the moment you’re actually in.

2. You’re taken out of your ‘fitness’ comfort zone

Um … I took Barre Fusion. And liked it. Enough said.


My insanely comfy bed.

3. It’s a time to unplug

While it wasn’t a requirement to leave your phone in the hotel room or power down, I took full advantage and tried to as much as possible this weekend.

It felt very freeing to walk back to my room at night, gaze up at a sea of stars and not feel inclined to describe what I saw via social media.

4.  You deserve it

For this retreat, I drove and took a ferry. There were no planes or trains to jack up the price. It was also the off-season for the vineyard, so travel/lodging was relatively cheap.

Quite making excuses for reasons you shouldn’t pamper yourself. This is a perfect way to take a mini-vacation and rejuvenate the mind and body.


Edgartown Lighthouse

5. You stop thinking

From the moment I stepped foot on the ferry, everything was taken care of. My meals, transportation — everything.

Handing over these responsibilities was exhilarating. It allowed me to only need to focus inward, instead of wasting energy on where I was going to park/eat/sleep/dine.

So, are you convinced yet?? This retreat is being offered up again in October … so be on the lookout for further posts giving details. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you in the know 🙂


** I stayed at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown and it was out of this world. My room was incredible, the food was to die for and with stunning views of the harbor, you honestly can’t go wrong!! I highly recommend it!