The Portable Protein Snack I Can’t Get Enough Of

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. As always, all opinions and commentary are my own. 


But really though, what’s better than sea salt and chocolate? Mmm … cover almonds in them, that’s what.

If you know me or follow me on any form of social media, you’re well aware of my obsession with nuts and nut butters. It’s a problem actually, I’m working on that whole moderation thing. So when I had the opportunity to test out Blue Diamonds new Dark Chocolate almonds and Sea Salt almonds, I had to wipe the drool away in order to respond with a resounding …


You see, for me, nuts are an extremely efficient food. They’re quick, portable and typically cure my desire to snack on (read: inhale) food post-class. They’re chock full of protein and low in sugar and sodium. Am I starting to sound like a commercial? Because I don’t mean to, I just really really love me some almonds. And almond butter. And almond milk. Okay, moving on.

Sea Salt

Crunchy and filling these little nibbles are my favorite. While I sometimes go with raw almonds, these sea salted ones are the perfect snack if I’m craving something with a bit more oomph.

Also, when I’m trying to keep my paw out of the Triscuit box.

Dark Chocolate

I mean, really. Need I say more?

Dusted in cocoa powder these bites are exactly what I need when I go to reach for a handful of M&Ms. They are the best when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth. Which, honestly, can be a bit uncontrollable at times.

And since we’re in the trust circle, let’s just say these puppies didn’t last very long in my house. While my intentions were to create a recipe utilizing these protein-packed nuggets, no such thing happened. Instead they were my go-to snack for an entire week — ahem — okay few days.

Judgement free zone, people. I know you’d have done the same thing.


The Six Letter Word I Struggle With


For as long as I can remember I have had issues handling one aspect of my life, stress.

PSATs (yes, the practice exam), homework assignments, essays and now bills, stress has always hit me … hard. In high school I would wake up in the middle of the night before a large exam my chest covered in red, itchy, burning hives. As I got older stress took a toll on my GI track — and in all TMI honesty, it still does from time-to-time.

Have I learned to minimize this issue? Mmm … sometimes, but it’s still something I deal with on a case-by-case basis.

Example A: I am moving August 1. No where far (still in the Boston-area), however my lease is up and my best friend of a roomie is wedding the man of her dreams. This means changes, cue the music — thanks Mr. Bowie.

Most recently this stressful aspect of my life radiates in the form of a bad attitude. That’s right, I put on those cranky pants — athletic edition, obviously — and wear them everywhere. In fact, they fit quite nicely.

I try deep breathing, yoga, meditation, even acupuncture to ease my nerves. Most instances it helps, which is incredible, other times not-so-much. Again, case-by-case.

I have realized one thing since my sleepless nights rubbing Sarna lotion beneath my oversized pajama top — I must breathe.

Slow inhales, extended exhales and a conscious focus on my breath is the key to preventing a complete cranks-induced meltdown. It may not involve me face down on the floor pounding my fists, but it’s pretty damn close.

When that feeling of stress bubbles up within me and my shoulders start to creep closer to my earlobes I remember that at the end of the day it’ll all be okay. Life will go on. Whatever the outcome, I will come out the other side … just fine.

However if I happen to have a glass of wine in hand and am surrounded by good company, that helps too.

Trust me, while the cranky pants fit like a brand new pair of Athleta crops, no one wants to see me sporting them. No one.