3 Boston Fitness Studios I’m Loving Lately


It’s no secret I’ve hit a few bumps in the road recently. But, unlike my current mental state, my body feels fitter and stronger than ever.

Here’s why. I’ve decided to channel any anger, frustration and sadness into a positive direction: The betterment of my overall health and fitness.

I know what you’re thinking … ‘Caroline, staying fit is your job! What makes this any different?/Can you really workout more??’ 

Well folks, the answer is yes. Instead of using the word more I am choosing to be more productive with my fitness, give my body what it craves (hello, yoga) and feed it with the optimal nutrition … and perhaps a bottle glass of wine.

Aside from my beloved Turnstyle Cycle where I teach 7x/week, there are a few Boston (and Boston-area) hot spots I’m loving lately … and here’s why:

1. CorePower Yoga

Locations: Newton, Medford, Cambridge (Alewife)

Parking: Yes. Medford and Cambridge have large-and-in-charge lots.

Cost: Drop-in rate, $23 | 5-Pack, $105 | 10-Pack, $195

Cool perk: If you’ve never been to the studio before, you get your entire first week for free!!

Why I love it: Something you should know about me … I am not a picky yogi. I enjoy a flow just as much as a structured class. To me, yoga is about breathe and finding space to practice without judgement or expectation. CPY is it for me. Plus the parking is a HUGE plus 🙂

2. Barry’s Bootcamp

Locations: Downtown Crossing

Parking: No, however, it is across the street from the MBTA (Orange Line) Downtown Crossing station.

Cost: Drop-in rate, $28 | 5-Pack, $135 | 10-Pack, $260

Cool perk: They offer ‘Academies’, ‘Memberships’ and ‘Hell Weeks’ every month. This allows members to save a few bucks if you’re planning on taking a plethora of classes!

Why I love it: This is one of the HARDEST workouts I’ve ever endured. Normally, I would never push myself so hard on a treadmill (sprints, heck no … incline sprints, you’re crazy) but with Barry’s I find myself challenging every muscle in my body. As well as improving my speed!

3. RX Strength Training

Locations: Somerville

Parking: Yes! Medium-sized lot.

Cost: Drop-in rate, $20 | 1x/week, $70 | 2x/week, $125

Cool perk: Personally, I’ll take the rough and tumble gyms over the she-she ones any day. Dirt on the floor? Yes. Chalk on the equipment? I’ll take it. If you’re not willing to get a little grimy, this gym may not be for you.

Why I love it: See above 🙂


Have you tried any of the above fitness facilities? If so, tell me what YOU thought? I’d love to know 🙂


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