Taming My Sweet Tooth: A Work in Progress

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. As always, all opinions and commentary are my own. 



I love it.

Candy, FroYo, chocolate … give me it all. But, thankfully, my stomach hates it. I get such a bellyache when I overindulge (which of course is my only option with it comes to that deliciousness), so I must find alternative options.

Enter: the newest edition to the Blue Diamond Almonds family, Salted Caramel & Blueberry.

Holy yum.

Since receiving this delicious bundle from Blue Diamonds, I’ve snacked on them by the handful, tossed them on top of my dairy-free yogurt and even chopped and sprinkled them on my shakes. The packaging says, irresistible … and it couldn’t be more spot on.

Salted Caramel was definitely my favorite. How do I know this? Maybe because the canister was devoured in less than 3 days. No shame. Salty and sweet, my fave way to snack on these bad boys was straight out of the container.

The blueberry flavor was my second favorite … only took me 6 days to polish those off 🙂

Blueberry BD

With a stronger berry coating and sweeter taste, I tossed them into my Greek yogurt on my dairy days — I’m currently still trying to figure out if milk products are causing me any stomach issues. As of now, the jury is still out — and on top of my PB shakes the other days (PB+J anyone??).

So there you have it, folks. Two new flavors from Blue Diamonds. And if you ask me — or look in my pantry — you’ll know these delicious morsels of healthy snacking are a must.

Plus, when my sugar cravings kick in (and a quick trip to the mini mart for a pint of my fave ice cream is calling my name) these are a wayyyyyyyy smarter option.

Nom. Nom. Snack on.

Are you a sugar lover? How do you curb your sweet tooth? 


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