3 Fitness Trends I’m Following


It’s not a secret that I enjoy trying out fitness fads. From fusion classes to unique takes on traditional methods, I believe that finding the exercise regime that works for you in the long term requires a bit of trail and error.

So, you ask, what is trending in the health and fitness scene right now? There are a few on my radar here in Boston … let’s dive in.

1. Hot Cycling

That’s right, folks, it’s time to turn up the heat on your workout … while riding on an indoor cycling bike. To my knowledge one studio has caught on to this trend here in Boston, but so far it’s a very small trend.

Hot yoga has been thing for a while — something I love to practice about 1-2 times per week — but hot cycling is something I’ve yet to try.

According to B/SPOKE, a Boston-area cycling studio which offers such class,

“Not for the faint of heart, HOT R/DE is the sweatiest ride on the schedule. We are slowing it down and heating it up for a 45min class that will let you sweat out your day and clear your mind. With the A/C off and the lights low, be prepared for a hill heavy, bass bumpin’ ride. T-shirts optional, sports bras encouraged, spare water-bottle required.”

2. All Kettlebell Classes

Offered at multiple Boston-area studios, kettlebell training originated in Russia in the 1700s as a form of strength training primarily preformed by farmers during town festivals and events. Today, the KB is a fantastic fitness tool that can both be integrated into a workout program or used soley to create a total body sweat sesh!

Much like plyometrics, an incredible way to tone up and increase agility, utilizing KBs throughout your workout will boost your heart rate significantly giving you a cardiovascular workout without stepping on an elliptical.

Area gyms offering up pure KB workouts include: Avalon CrossFitThe Training Room Boston, and BFX.

3. Rowing Classes / IndoRow

Did you hit up Head of the Charles last weekend? Did it inspire you to try the rowing machine at your local gym? Well, if sitting on an erg left you less than impressed it’s time to try out a group fitness class geared towards … rowing, of course!

There are a few Boston-area gyms offering up only rowing classes, and in my opinion, they are a must-try BtoneBURN Fitness and Row & Ride in Hanover all offer up heart-pounding workouts that will not leave you the least bit bored. Instead, you’ll be focused on form and speed while sweating it out for the entire workout.


What fitness classes are you loving lately??


The Weekly Report [In GIFs] 10.25.15

It’s safe to say y’all enjoyed my post last week which articulated (exactly) what my life has been like lately … all displayed in GIFs.

So friends, I’m doing it again. And with the intention of producing it weekly. You’re welcome.

Happy Sunday!!

My exact facial reactions while swiping on Bumble (dating app), watching Bravo and laying in my bed … i.e. most evenings:


My exact actions before mustering the courage to message a Bumble match:


My reaction when I see someone I know … before swiping left:


Next topic … Halloween.

What I love about the holiday:


What I hate about it:


Before I eat a bag of pumpkin candy corns:


5 minutes later:


Have a great rest of your weekend, friends! Oh yeah, and … GO PATRIOTS! 


A Soccer Game & Sugar-High Kiddos


Back in August I had the opportunity to take a tour of Gillette Stadium, watch the New England Revolution soccer team practice as well as tour their locker room, strength and conditioning center and speak to the head coach and one of the players.

Phew. Safe to say I was a bit starstruck, even though I don’t follow soccer religiously.

Throughout middle and high school I played the game simply to stay in shape for my beloved sport, lacrosse. I know the rules — sort of — and proudly sported my blue and white non-breathable JV jersey for 4 years. It was 2001, kids.

Fast forward to my field trip to Gillette this past summer. Having been in the health and fitness industry now since ’08, I found this roundtable chat with New England Revolution strength and conditioning coach Nick Downing fascinating.

Sure the workouts were undoubtedly challenging, but more interesting was all of the technology the Revs use to ensure they’re performing at their best. Didn’t get a good nights sleep? Your workout catered to that. Dealing with stressors at home? Yup, elements of that days strength sesh were modified.

Downing explained that every players metrics were not only tracked when off the field, but also while working out. Real time alerts are tracked to monitor the intensity of the session for each player.

Downing also spoke about Adidas ‘miCoach’ device that measures everything from heart rate to detailing workouts and providing feedback via an Adidas elite coach.

Oh, and then I had the pleasure of meeting Kelyn Rowe; Revolution midfielder and Washington state native.

He cruised in right from practice — ready to chat with all us media about the benefits of utilizing all of this tech for the betterment of his on field performance. It’s safe to say at this point I wasn’t sure who’s face was blushing more … except for the fact he just finished a 90 minute workout and I was sitting across the table from an adorable professional athlete. He may only be 23, but oh man, he is the sweetest guy.

This past Saturday night was the game I had chosen to attend back when we were offered up dates in August. Whether it be weddings or other weekend shenanigans, this October eve was the only one I could make. So, as with most of these athletic-encompassing events, I naturally asked my sister to tag along 🙂


It was her first time at Gillette Stadium so it was a fun little road trip for us both. Aside from the entire Billerica youth soccer team that happened to be saturated with sugar and sans chaperone sitting behind us, the evening was perfect 😉 Fear not, the Sam Adams Octoberfest we both were sipping on raised our body temp … and patience levels.

At the end of the game I wasn’t sure who I felt worse for … the Revs (and their loss to Montreal by 1 point) or the Billerica parents that would soon have to deal with their 11-year olds still buzzing on caffeine and sugar at 11:30 p.m.

I’d say the parents.

Thank you so much to the New England Revolution for having me — such a blast seeing behind the scenes and y’all in action.