The Weekly Report [In GIFs]: 1/17/2016

It’s been a while since I’ve pulled some hilarious GIFs off the interweb in an effort to depict my life and shared them with y’all.

Let’s begin.

Getting back into the swing of life come January 1 is a toughie.


Life is always busier than expected, you’re broke from the holidays and everyone chatting about their resolutions stress you out.


And it’s only the first month of the year.

Speaking of resolutions … Everyone seems to be on a health kick. Juice cleanses and doubling up on fitness classes are a thing.


Meanwhile, I’m just over here trying to fuel up and maintain my resolution of flossing daily and unsubscribing to emails I simply¬†delete without reading.


Oh yea, and ignore the love-filled Valentine’s Day ‘section’ at Target.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sweat out all my toxins at hot yoga ūüôā


How’s your new year been??¬†


First Date, Sushi

Let’s talk about this.

Over the past few months [or so] I’ve really tried to put myself out there within the dating ‘scene’. After the bitter reality settled in that I was not going to be selected for Ben H’s season of The Bachelor, I grabbed my outdated iPhone 5 and downloaded the following apps: Hinge and Bumble.

Spending some nights and weekends swiping right, but mostly left, I finally came across a few gentlemen that caught my eye.

Attractive, passionate about their careers, strong family values … I didn’t feel like I was asking for too much. However, you’d be surprised at the number of men out there depict themselves in a, shall we say, less than stellar light.

I will most definitely swipe left — i.e.¬†say no thank¬†you — if your pictures include the following:

  1. You standing shirtless in front of a bathroom mirror.
  2. You standing shirtless (or sporting a cutoff) in a gym locker room.
  3. You embracing someone that looks like an ¬†ex-girlfriend … in multiple pictures. It’s not your sister, don’t try and fool me.
  4. Your only¬†pics are of you in a sea of mini-dress-lovin’ ladies. It looks like you’re in Vegas. With strippers.
  5. All of your pictures are from college. Which was 7 years ago.

If you don’t know me personally and only from my blog, my apologies. I promise I’m not the Judge Judy of Tinder.

Back to sushi …¬†

More recently I was asked on two different first dates. Both dinner. Ironically, both to the same sushi restaurant. So here in lies my question. How do we feel about sushi on a first date? Personally, I am a huge sushi fan. Maki, sashimi, you name it, I’ll try it.

However, I do feel it takes a certain confidence to meet up with a complete stranger, sit across from them and dine on a meal where the course is eaten in singular large-and-in-charge bites.

There is no graceful way to eat a roll, I am convinced.

In addition, if you’re chopstick skills need some practice, hello embarrassing.¬†

Between fumbling your food and barely being able to close your mouth while chewing, sushi is truly a technical meal.

So, let me pose the question. First date; sushi or skip?