The 7 Stages of Turning 29

This weekend something big is happening.

Nope, I’m not moving, getting married or buying a new car.

Saturday I’m turning 29 — the last year of my 20s — and there are a few emotions that come with the acceptance of 30 being a mere 12 months away. To most accurately depict how I’m feeling about it, I’ve provided GIFs.

Now I present to you, the 7 stages of turning 29.


1. Shock: Didn’t I just turn 22 … like 5 minutes ago?


2. Deep Thought: Nope, that was 7 years ago. I graduated college that year. A gallon of gas cost $2.73. Obama was inaugurated as the 44th US President and Michael Jackson died.


3. Confusion: No way was that 7 years ago.


4. Comparison: When you’re single and unsure about the direction of your life, it’s nearly impossible to not compare yourself to others your own age. Married? Not me. Kids? Not yet. Home owner? Certainly not.


5. Annoyance: “But, like, I thought I’d have those things by now.” The unrealistic and fictional timeline of your life you create in your early 20s is a mean girl. Don’t listen to her.


6. Acceptance: The moment you realize you only have to provide for yourself, you’ve still got somewhat visible abs and the fine lines don’t require botox … yet.


7. Excitement: Now, let’s celebrate.



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