1. Steph B

    My favorite way to stay fit is to head to the gym for a swim, my pre-workout and then 45 min for strength training. Then it’s off to whatever group ex is being held that day. If I have some time to kill before the class, it is on to the treadmill or more crunches/planks. Can never have enough of those. 🙂 Swimsuit season is just around the corner.

  2. Jen

    Taking group fitness classes is my favorite way to stay fit. Accountability! Some of the best classes are Life in Synergy, Exhale, Btone, and Flywheel.

  3. Joan Liu

    My favorite way to stay fit is to take group classes that have really engaged instructors. Knowing that I could be called out by name for taking it easy or how I could improve my form helps me concentrate and try to do a better job (and also not skip classes!).

  4. I love lifting–specifically lifting the remote. I cross-train by hoisting my wineglass with my other arm.
    When I need cardio, I take Pelu the Wonder Puppy for walks. Her legs are only 4″ long but they move quite fast.

    Also, elliptical and yoga 🙂

    I will tweet it out too b/c you rock.

  5. Tricia V

    My favorite way to stay fit is to mix it up. Running has always been my go to cardio because I can do it anywhere and add a race here and there to keep me motivated and to have a goal. I also enjoy group classes, spin, bootcamp, rowing and TRX. Keeps things interesting.

  6. Kelly Grondin

    I wen to the #fitbitlocal event too! It was amazing! One of my favorite ways to stay fit is by taking Cara Gilman’s RunYoga series on Monday nights. A good run with friends, whether on the river, track, or hills, followed by Cara’s yoga sequences are the best way for me to start my week fit and happy.

  7. Steph R

    My favorite way to stay fit is with kick boxing and martial arts – get in shape and learn how to protect yourself!

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