One Year Later & One Hundred Times Stronger

You know the feeling.

It’s summer, you’ve been sitting in a hot car, wearing shorts and sweating. You begin to peel yourself off the once seemingly comfortable black leather interior. As you start to scoot on the seat you immediately know the level of pain that is about to follow.

Similar to ripping off a band aid … do you do it all at once to avoid the slow, agonizing pain? Or do you methodically inch yourself away, mentally preparing as every single morsel of skin feels as though it’s being torn off.

Why the heck do I bring this up?

Because last year — exactly 365 days ago — I was faced with a similar feeling.

After being dealt a pretty crappy hand — i.e. getting laid off from my job — I had two options; slowly peel myself off the burning black leather or jump out of the car quickly before my brain could catch up to the discomfort.

Luckily I chose the latter and I believe I’m stronger for it.


One year later and there have been a multitude of forks along my path. A series of bumps in my road.

I’ve applied for jobs, signed up for LinkedIn Premium, perfected my account, gone on dates and left dates early. I’ve been ‘ghosted’ … by guys and career leads. And on rare occasions I’ve been the one initiating the rejecting; when I knew I deserved better.

Bottom line: From professional to personal, this year has been one of growth. And while it may seem scary to some, I’ve spent a great deal of the past 12 months … alone. It’s been in these moments of solitude that I’ve made the most impactful decisions. One’s that have rerouted my journey. This solo-time has assured me that the difficult decisions were the right ones and the path I’m paving for myself is built with consideration, concentration and most importantly, patience.

So whether you’re dealing with a breakup, bad job or one of life’s many hiccups, it’s important to remember that you’re the one in control. Rip off the bandaid, peel those sweaty legs off the leather seat and start making some moves. A lot — I repeat — a lot can happen in a year.

Trust the process and find strength in each step.


5 Fitness Apps You Need [Guest Post]

This guest post is written by Lauren Byrd. Lauren is a contributing writer for Orangetheory Fitness. She regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle and fitness blogs. She loves to spend her free time traveling and being active.


Our society is going through a fitness craze (but I’m not complaining)! New technologies, wearables and trackers (hello Fitbit) are coming out by the day it seems. It is “cool” to be fit. If you prefer to work out at home or like taking a day between your group fitness classes to do your own workout, then there are apps out there for you to take advantage of.

If you find yourself spending time scrolling through Instagram or your other favorite digital app, then make a choice to spend that time scrolling through a fitness app and get a good workout in! With notifications, you won’t ever forget to make time to work on your fitness and get inspired and motivated.

It was really hard to pick only 5, but I have put together a list of my top 5 favorite fitness apps in no particular order (I couldn’t pick!) that you need to download today!


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For anyone looking for that extra motivation, this app provides you with your very own personal trainer (for an extra cost). It turns workouts into a game which allows you to win points as you go and compete against others who are in the Fitocracy community. The community also gives you that extra boost, support and motivation to succeed in your fitness goals! There are also tailored workouts for your experience and specific goal.

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This app has to be one of my favorites! It provides some hardcore pre-made workouts for different levels, times and body parts. It is also customizable so you can create exactly the workout that you want to do. You can also watch video demonstrations of the workouts as well as receive verbal instruction and cues by real trainers. The app combines interval training which maximizes the effectiveness of your workout as well as random exercises so your body doesn’t get used to a specific routine!

unnamedCouch to 5K

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If you’ve ever wanted to get into running, but don’t know how to start – this is the perfect app for you. Sometimes people start off too fast and run too hard at first – that’s why most people rebel against running! Before this app, that was definitely me. I have never really been the greatest at running, but I’m happy to say that using this app definitely prepared me to run my first 5K a few months ago! It is the perfect training app because it increases the intensity as you go!


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If you’ve ever watched any YouTube fitness videos, then you’ve probably watched a video of Cassey Ho. In this app, she provides fitness videos, healthy recipes, a community forum and even a monthly workout calendar! The calendar is awesome because it gives you planned workouts every day as they should be paired!

unnamed-3Zombies, Run

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This is another fitness app that turns workouts into a game! Get fit all while escaping zombies. Running becomes way more fun, and you really forget that you are working out because you are involved in missions and chases all while being connected to 1 million players all over the world! If you’re a Walking Dead fan, intrigued by Zombies, or just want to be motivated to sweat it out during a run, you must download this app NOW!


What is your favorite app for staying fit and healthy?