1. Meg McClaff

    Taking advantage of the nice weather! Running, swimming, boot camp. Also, eating the yummy seasonal veggies and fruit!

  2. Alanna Meola

    Oooh baby this sounds awesome! I’ve started to run by the water more and more at night. Leaves me feeling both mentally and physically recharged.

  3. Michelle

    I love all the free classes that happen during the summer. A great way to try new instructors and figure who’s indoor studios you want to try in the fall!

  4. Tameka Moss

    I love to get extra sweaty at barre and spin class at Flywheel–or a glorious jog/power walk around Jamaica Pond

  5. Julie

    It’s summer so most of my workouts are outside. Specifically with November Project. I still make time for yoga and some spin, but majority is outdoors.

  6. Kris

    I love running outside in the sun or taking a class that motivates me mentally and physically. For me, a good workout creates a sense of confidence and calmness!

  7. Maggie Kolb

    My fave way to stay active during the summer is by working out with friends — even better when Trendy is coaching me.

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