Many people in my life (looking at you, Mom) have always said to me …

 “Timing is everything.”

“Trust the process.”

“It’s all happening for a reason.”

But really … When you’re going through a terrible slump, this is something hard to hear. From breakups to breakdowns, the past couple of years have presented quite the obstacle course for me to climb and crawl through. Lay offs and relationship drama were just the tip of this toppling iceberg. But through these lows I’ve discovered, like with almost every piece of advice she’s ever given me, my Mom was entirely correct.

Timing is everything.

Three months into my new job and I’m in a stable living situation have consistent health insurance [hallelujah] and am dating the most incredible person. It certainly begs the question … had these happenings occurred at different times in my life, would I have been ready for them?

Answer: Probably not. Here’s why …

What if I had began dating this special someone two summers ago when I got laid off from my job? Would I have been in the correct head space to commit to a serious relationship?


Now, you may be asking, “How do you know for sure??”  My answer  to you would be, I know because at that time in my life I could barely focus on myself … making myself happy, a priority and staring back in the mirror with positive words and thoughts.

My self love was low and therefore my ability to love someone new couldn’t have formed. In fact, during that period in my life I was going after the entirely wrong guys for the wrong reasons … as a massive distraction from the deeper problems I was avoiding.

Would I have been ready for this new job? Again, probably not.

A year, two, even 5 years ago I was juggling about 5,379 balls in the air. From personal training clients to group fitness classes, freelance work to part-time writing jobs, some days I didn’t even breathe until my head hit the pillow at night. Had this job been offered to me then, I’m not sure I would’ve been mature enough to drop all the balls and trust this new job was the right fit for me. I had to experience the wrongs in those jobs to realize the right in this career.

So there you have it.

This idea of timing — your timeline — and trusting the process as it develops. You learn elements from one job, relationship, living situation that builds you up to understand what you want and most importantly what you deserve in the future.

Be patient. Timing is everything.


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