Why I Took a Break from Blogging

I’d love to say it was because I took some kind of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey or decided to give up the internet for a few months — You know, unplug? Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been Instagraming, tweeting and freelance social media-ing for two different companies all of 2017. So a technology diet, it was not.


I guess I didn’t really notice it’d been so long since I’d last posted.

Don’t get me wrong, it was always in the back of my head, however, never did I feel the urge to put fingers to keyboard and grind out a 200 word-er. Before I knew it days turned into weeks, weeks to months and I legitimately thought there was a possibility WordPress deleted my blog.

Truth be told, it took me a while before I realized the real reasons — yes, more than one — why I needed to take a break from blogging.

So, let’s talk.

You Don’t Care About My Lunch, I Knowgiphy-1

Here’s the thing: There are bloggers who share every morsel of their lives with you (i.e. what they made for lunch that day) and there are others who simply write when the moment strikes them.

I am the latter.

Something I realized this year is that life gets really freakin’ busy. No, I don’t have kids. And yes, I have a relatively flexible work life [summers off, heck ya!]. However, throughout this mini Springtime sabbatical, I discovered there are parts of my world I wanted to savor a bit more, keep more private and to be really, super honest … to live more presently.
As I sit and write this — on the eve of July 4th — a lot has changed in the past year …

I started an incredible job that marries all of my favorite aspects of fitness; coaching, mentoring and teaching.

I am in an amazing relationship with someone who makes me feel all the feels.

For the first time, I am without a Boston-based apartment and instead am enjoying life living in Maine during my summer vacation … do
n’t worry, I’ll be back in Beantown come September.

I Get a Little PTSD

Remember two years ago when I wrote this little gem? Sure, the whole things was a real knock to the teeth but what I don’t really talk about is just how burnt out I was from writing a health and fitness vertical that consisted of 3-4 articles … a day.

Since 2011, when I started this lovely site, my blog was my passion. It was where I came to give healthy advice and showcase amazing fitness studios in the Boston area and during my travels. I wrote when the topic spoke to me, not because I had to.

While I learned a lot working for an online publication [and made some awesome friends along the way], it has still left me lacking the drive to post … a quality that once came so fluidly.

Social Media Sibling Rivalry

We all know Instagram is the hottest of the hot right now. I get it. As a society we enjoy instant gratification; a quick and effortless scroll where we can pick and choose which posts to read and which to simply glance at and double tap.

Twitter and Facebook have, unfortunately, taken a backseat to their social-media-star-of-a-sibling. Snapchat is popular among the younger generation, however, for brands looking to showcase their product, I believe, Insta is on top.

And that is where I have spent most of my time these days. Insta stories, grams and filtering up a storm.

What Next … 


I’ll be here and there with my blog, as the mood strikes me of course. Never boring you with breakfast pics, but maybe some fun new workout trends, classes or instructor features.

My priority with my blog and brand is to never put too much pressure on myself or to write without passion. Because, as with most things in life, that becomes translucent. And very un-trendy.



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