A New Sphere

I almost feel like I should re-introduce myself, it’s been so long. I mean, the last time I even edited this draft was last May … so here we go.

Hi, I’m Caroline … I’m no longer a ’20-something’ living in Boston. More like a [gulp] 30-something … 

I’m the strength coach and fitness director for an all-girls school in Massachusetts. I’ve been in this [new-ish] job now since August 2016 and absolutely love it. I feel like it’s all of my passions mashed together.

Sometimes my old life — which consisted of running around the city teaching at multiple gyms and studios, training several different clients and grocery shopping at 2 p.m. — feels like an eternity ago. Now, I am lucky if I can find a parking spot at Trader Joe’s on a Sunday. It’s safe to say I’ve had to evolve to a new schedule.

Sure I expected to hit up Target with the masses on a weekend day, but what I couldn’t have predicted was the challenge I feel to stay a part of the Boston fitness community.

While I do still teach fitness classes — both at the school and Btone Fitness — I’m not ‘in’ it as much as I used to be. This transition has been one of the more challenging for me. Am I still relevant? Have I lost everything I worked so hard to achieve? Am I still making an impact within the community?

I’d like to believe that the mark I am leaving now is one for a different generation. Teaching young girls that’s it’s okay to lift weights, be strong and take up space on the fitness floor.

I guess you could say my fitness sphere has changed.

I now have to be much more proactive about being involved; trying out new studios, taking others classes and attending events. So, I made a pact with myself to go ‘out of my comfort zone’ once per week. Traditionally, that’s partaking in a meet-up after I get out of work … mmmm, did I mention that is at 7 p.m.?

Thankfully, last week I was invited to a wellness dinner hosted by Gianne Doherty — founder of Organic Bath Co. and extraordinaire behind the W.E.L.L. Summit — at Athleta Newbury Street. Being surrounded by inspiring individuals whose views on health and wellness were similar to mine was motivating. I knew I needed to get back into blogging. Pronto.

So yes, you guessed it … as part of my ‘pact’ I am attending the W.E.L.L. Summit in Boston this month (April 21st to be exact). Of course I am excited about the speakers, my guuuurrrl Sara DiVello‘s yoga class and [duhhh] Sweetgreen for lunch. BUT, what I think I am the most excited about is that feeling of being reignited. That feeling of a flame being lit underneath you, leaving you so incredibly motivated you’ve got ants in your pants.

And while I’m in this new sphere, I can tell that feeling is slowly creeping back into my life. Thankfully. I’ve missed this blog and have hated the writer’s block I’ve been dealing with.

So who wants to join me? Whether you’re in the same boat as me, need some motivation to get healthy, are interested in overall wellness or maybe want to get back into this community (hi, me too) … then I guess I’ll be seeing you at the WS 🙂

PS: I’m doing a giveaway on my Instagram now … [cough, cough] a FREE ticket!



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