Welcome to The Trendy Trainer! Let me introduce myself …

My name is Caroline and I am a 30-something personal trainer, instructor and overall wellness enthusiast living in Boston. I graduated from the University of Tampa with a BFA in Art History. Always having a passion for health and fitness, I became certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and began teaching Group Cycling classes at my University.

After graduation I continued my education with Spinning® through Mad Dogg Athletics and shortly after became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I love helping others by introducing them to new exercises and ultimately achieving their fitness goals. I have found that it is my artistic background that allows me to think creatively and plan my programs with originality. I believe that finding an activity you enjoy is the first step towards optimum health. 

I began this blog in May of 2011 with very simple goals. Explore fitness fads and write about them. By blogging about each craze, I would discover what’s worth trying and what’s better left a passing trend. But as I began expressing myself through posts, I realized I loved blogging. In August of 2012 I attended The Healthy Living Summit  where I truly feel like my life was turned upside down. From the informative sessions I attended to the talented and driven friends I met, HLS was a game changer for me and The Trendy Trainer. 

I believe that a strong body builds a strong mind and that a healthy lifestyle forms a happier quality of life. With this mentality, I hope to help others in their path to wellness and success. Whether through personal training or reading the words on my page, my goal is to help individuals succeed. To me there is truly no better feeling than helping someone else develop and discover their inner strengths. 

At the end of the day I am a Bostonian. I enjoy a crisp Pumpkin Head in the fall and never pass up the opportunity to bake for birthdays. I treasure time with friends and family. I relax while writing my blog.  I like to lift heavy things and run long distances. 


I am staying stylish one fitness fad at a time and I hope you’ll join me! 


Yours truly, 


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