Getting in the ring.

Boxing. Defined as “the sport or practice of fighting with the fists, esp. with padded gloves in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules.” I’ve never been a violent person. I’ve never been known for my agility and speed. It was by chance that I became involved in boxing. A colleague of mine graciously … [Read more…]

Workout Rut.

Growing up I was constantly trying out new sports and activities. I never seemed to be satisfied with just one; I loved being introduced to new teams. This personality trait definitely translated to my career. I am always on the move. I teach Spin and muscle conditioning classes at 3 different gyms throughout Boston and … [Read more…]


Welcome to the first blog by yours truly, the Trendy Trainer! Much to your surprise this blog will not be filled with vibrant images of the latest Lululemon jackets or pants. This blog will not be plastered with brands such as Nike, Adidas and Underarmour. Instead the “trends” I will be following are the physical … [Read more…]