Heading outdoors!

I am back! Summer vacation to Nantucket and Austin, TX was amazing and super relaxing. I was even able to try out surfing which was so much fun and harder than I expected. Being outside a lot during my vacation did make me think though… I should really focus on outdoor activities during the summer … [Read more…]


I shouldn’t have been surprised that it basically took a crane to get me into my last Bikram class. It was one of those days where I didn’t have much going on and the structure of my day was based on this class. So of course I messed up my timing and almost missed the … [Read more…]

Bikram. Day 21.

So today is my last day in my 3 week quest to do Bikram yoga. I realize I need more time to see results and changes, but I honestly feel like it has molded me in some ways. Physically, I feel more flexible. In yesterdays class I was able to almost touch my forehead to knee … [Read more…]