My inner yogi.

Let me begin by saying I am not flexible, spiritually centered, coordinated or graceful. I am used to getting down and dirty in a Spin studio and running long distances. Therefore when I began this project I made it my mission to reach out of my comfort zone and try new things. Bikram yoga was … [Read more…]

Getting in the ring.

Boxing. Defined as “the sport or practice of fighting with the fists, esp. with padded gloves in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules.” I’ve never been a violent person. I’ve never been known for my agility and speed. It was by chance that I became involved in boxing. A colleague of mine graciously … [Read more…]

Workout Rut.

Growing up I was constantly trying out new sports and activities. I never seemed to be satisfied with just one; I loved being introduced to new teams. This personality trait definitely translated to my career. I am always on the move. I teach Spin and muscle conditioning classes at 3 different gyms throughout Boston and … [Read more…]