The Weekly Report [In GIFs] 11.8.15

Let me paint you a picture of what is currently happening in my apartment right now …


I’ll back up … Today I ran the Spartan Race at Fenway Park. My 3rd year doing it. Is it challenging? Sure. But it’s my awesome team of 15 that makes the 15,908,323 burpees, seemingly impossible traverse wall, rope climb, sandbag carry, stair sprints, bleeding hands and bruises all worth it.

This is not to say my body doesn’t hurt right now. Because it does.

In fact, it feels like this happened to it … multiple times:


My current facial reaction when I realize I electively decided to do this race:


Don’t worry, like a good trainer, I made sure to recover and rehydrate with a whole lot of this … ok, maybe just 2:


** Side note: This kid has mad skills. They also look 17. **

Excuse me while I continue to ice my shin, elevate my legs and drink a gallon of water.

Moving on.

Friday night I saw Amy Schumer perform in Boston. My exact face when I found out my friend got us tickets:


She was hilarious. She wore slippers on stage. And she had zero filter (amen).

So before I get back to — who am I kidding? It’s 8 p.m. and pitch dark outside. I’ll be asleep in 30 minutes —  This week gives some of us a big ‘ole reason to smile.


I’m talking about Pay Day. Yes, I capitalized it. It’s that important.

Now pardon me while I go dip my big toe in B’s glistening pool filled with floating hundos.