Kevin from Comcast


If you’ve ever moved you know just how many companies you must call to switch things over; Cable, utilities, change of address, possible street parking permit and the hundreds — okay, maybe only a few — bills that must now be rerouted to your new home.

For me moving is always stressful. It’s never fun and it’s always hot.

Shlepping dorm room belongings between residence halls and storage units during May and August in Tampa, FL was not the most glamorous of times. Fast forward to Boston where the dreaded September 1st move-in date annually leaves the city streets looking more like an abandoned flea market than a bustling young professional neighborhood.

Like I said, moving sucks.

And amongst the unpacked boxes and feelings of unsettledness, the overwhelming amount of phone calls still loom. Customer service experiences on the horizon, buckle up.

So when I rang Comcast to chat about switching my  cable from my old abode to my new digs, I was pleasantly surprised when a jolly voice came across the line. Hello, Kevin.

At this point in my moving process I had spoken to nearly 10 customer service peeps. Ranging from automated systems to cranky overseas individuals, chatting with Kevin was a breath of fresh air.

Perhaps it was my newly single mentality or vulnerable mid-move state, but Kevin was kind and spent so much time explaining  each step of the process to me. Lowering my monthly rate and making my life easier, it lead me to think … what if all customer service reps were this simple to speak with?

Sure, sure, Comcast wants you to spend money on their services … so OF course they’re going to shower you with love and affection over the phone. Geez, I’m shocked Kevin didn’t propose over the phone if I committed to HBO and Showtime. However, there have been many a times where this has not been the case (not with Comcast, but others who’s products or services I’ve purchased).

So here in lies the lesson. No matter who you’re speaking with, be kind, be helpful and be patient.

This convo with Kevin from Comcast was 4 weeks ago. Clearly it left reality TV-filled imprint on my heart.

Be present, kiddos, you never know who’s on the other end of that phone. You could be making quite a positive mark on that person’s day.

Oh, and hey, Kevin … call me.


Joking, people. But really, have you ever had an unexpected and positive experience like this?