Hey There … I Remember You

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long. But still — poor TTT has truly taken a backseat as of late.

Let’s break down what’s been happening lately.


Transitioning from summer to fall was a less than glamorous time for me. Per normal, the mild depression that typically sets in this time of year ensued when I realized my last beach day was … Um … does it matter?? I used the word LAST.

I also discovered that while out on one of my longer training runs my right hip was giving me some trouble. After a few weeks of complete discomfort and limping around, I decided to defer my Chicago Marathon bib number until 2016 — See you next October, Chi-Town!!

This seasonal transition was also a unique one for me. Getting laid off in the summer meant loads of free time to ‘figure out what I wanted’, ‘enjoy the ME time’ and ‘take a break from it all’. Well, it seemed that as soon as the first leaf began to change my inner mind started screaming at me to …


But really. I had this mental freak out that resulted in me feeling a bit lost and unsure of what I really wanted to do with my life … my career. On top of that, there was this deep urge to decide this next chapter fast. Why? I’m not quite sure. But luckily I was able to shut that voice up and simmer the sense of urgency.


Nothing. Literally, nothing.

Oh … I applied to be on the Bachelor and never heard back. This means one of two things: 1. I wasn’t selected. 2. They want me to be the next Bachelorette and are surprising me at my apartment with balloons, a new car, a check … Oh wait, that’s Publisher’s Clearing House …

Friends & Family.

Now this is an amazing category. This past weekend my best friend of 11 years got married. I was honored to be standing by her side this past Saturday as she smiled, giggled and stated her vows. Joe, you are a lucky man … Love you both!!



Photo via Addie Morizio

Sunday, ironically, was my parents 35th wedding anniversary.

Gah, where do I begin? 

My parents met in high school, dated, broke up and then rekindled their flame after college. They were raised in the same hometown in Massachusetts, yet were brought up entirely differently.

Their relationship has survived long distance where texting and emails were not a thing and phone calls were limited to once a week due to cost.

Most importantly, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how incredible they are together. They’ve shown me what a marriage is, the work it takes and the ultimate reward of partnership.

I saw this and couldn’t agree more … IMG_4646

Love you mom and dad <3

Phew, now that I’m done … What’s been going on with you??


Star Spangled & Healthy: 5 Tips to Stay on Track this 4th of July Weekend


Just a little #tbt in honor of the holiday weekend! Ps: I’m thoroughly enjoying that frosting …

I get it, holiday weekends are toughies when it comes to staying on a healthy track — nutritionally and with regards to working out.

I am certainly not here to be the food police stating, “avoid the BBQ, beers and red, white and blue layer cake” … however … I am writing to help provide you with options that ultimately prevent a full-on star-spangled hangover.

With regards to junk food, I mean. Sorry, can’t help you in the alcohol department …

1. Schedule your weekend workout NOW

Booking with a boutique studio or alternate fitness facility that has a 24-hr cancellation policy will prevent you from skimping out on your workout come Sunday. Sure you may be tired and perhaps a bit — ahem — dehydrated, but sweating it out after a long weekend will prevent you from feeling like ultimate crap come Monday.

2. Bring goodies of your own

Invited to a BBQ this weekend? Good, me too. Instead of popping into CVS and grabbing a bag of chips, spend 10 minutes whipping up this patter, chips or even a healthier dip alternative.

Chances are it’ll be a party hit — And shhhhhhhh … we don’t need to tell anyone they’re healthy.

3. Get creative with your cocktail Miloby_PomegranateSangria

Last night I went over to my sister’s apartment for what we call a “Sister Date’.

Aside from the plethora of girl talk (Sorry to her BF Danny who had to drown us out by watching episodes of South Park), she made me a super easy and delicious sangria.


Polar Pomegranate Sangria + Red wine blend = Easy peasy (and 1/2 the calories) sangria.

This was obviously a great option for us, but if you’re not a fan of red, try mixing some Sav Blanc with their Champagne Strawberry flavor and add some chopped up fruit! Honestly, with these summer seltzer flavors, the possibilities are endless.

4. Get the games going

If you’re a New Englander like me the time is NOW to be outside. We are literally held hostage in our homes all winter long. So, during this long weekend full of patriotic goodness, get outdoors and PLAY!

Start a flag football game, get the bocce balls out — heck, play some ring toss! The point is, keep your body moving and avoid sitting on your tush while tossing back a few cold ones.

5. Hydrate & lather up

Even though you’re frolicking in the ocean or pool and feel nice a cool, doesn’t mean your body is properly hydrated. Remember: Once you become thirsty, you’re body is already dehydrated.

Be sure to guzzle some H20 this weekend and generously apply the SPF. While these two factors may not feel as satisfying as a 45-minute sweat sesh, your body will certainly thank you later on.

Have a happy and safe 4th!!