A New Routine

Phew. Well, it’s certainly not summer anymore! My new job has proved (over and over again) to be the absolute right decision for me and best career path I could ever ask for …

Teaching young high schoolers how to feel comfortable in a weight room, to not focus on the number on the scale and most importantly that fitness can be fun has been extremely rewarding. Oh, and chaperoning the Junior service trip to NYC left me with more hilarious stories about teenagers  than I ever could have imagined … plus a couple of headaches.


This fall has also tested my ability to maintain balance with freelance work (clients, teaching classes, etc.) and spending time with friends/family. And meeting a pretty spectacular guy … Yes, you read that correctly.

But quit your prying … I’ll dive into deeper detail at a later date.

Between ALL of these new things, I’ve learned this fall was about putting myself first and discovering a new routine. Doing what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it and spending my precious free time exploring — hiking, rock climbing, traveling, going to the movies and binge-watching Hulu Rom-Coms like it was my job.


How else did I make myself a priority? I cancelled ClassPass. Nothing against the discount boutique studio site, but with zero free time during the week and traveling on the weekends getting through my 5 classes/month was much more challenging than it seemed.

Savings: $65/Month. Win.

Bottom line: Life can throw you some crazy curve balls — good or bad. They can make your life insanely busy and flip your routine on it’s hiney. Instead of stressing out (which I do my fair share of … ) it’s about reevaluating the things that make you the MOST happy.

For me …

  • not completing my 5 classes on CP was causing anxiety. Cancel.
  • coming home after weekends away left me feeling out of sync. Rethink and relax.

What works for you? Is your current routine satisfying or making you cray-cray? Share away!


What You’ve All Been Wondering …

It’s been about 2 months since I stopped teaching fitness on a consistent, full-time basis.

May 26th to be exact.

That date doesn’t really matter except if you’ve been following me on social media … in that case you’ve probably been thinking, “Mmm … Does she work? Like at all?” for quite some time.

My plethora of beach day pics and wedding selfies validates this question.

Well friends, I’m SUPER excited to share that starting August 15th I will be the Fitness Director for a private school in the Boston-area. While I’ve been coaching lacrosse here for 3 years, the wellness/fitness building is finally finished and I’m proud to announce I’ve signed on as a faculty member!

And now my Snap story makes sense …


So what will I be doing exactly?

Coaching young minds about staying healthy, promoting positive body image, creating strength and conditioning programs for some of the high school athletes and teams as well as teaching TRX, small group training and cycling classes to the students.

Something I learned from coaching lacrosse over the past few years was that these 14-18 year olds are like sponges. With social pressures to look/act/dress/speak/eat/think a certain way at an all time high, it’s more important than ever to show these young ladies (yes, it’s an all-girls school) the power of health and treating your body with respect.

I graduated from a similar private high school in 2005 … except 11 years ago some major components were missing: Facebook was only for college students (remember that pesky .edu requirement?), selfies did not exist and Snapchat, Instagram, retweets, favorites, likes and emojis were not a thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. But I do believe it’s imprinted some unhealthy habits on the younger generation.

Bottom line: When a 15-year old freshman tells me she’s on a 3-day juice cleanse and we have 3 games and 2 practices that week — well — I know I have a job to do.

And let me tell you, I can’t wait to get started.