Dear Sexy Man from Yoga

Dear sexy man from yoga,

IMG_1421I wasn’t expecting to see such an attractive man at 9 a.m. yoga. It’s usually the standard mothers, work-from-home warriors and misfit toys like myself.

Walking in wearing yoga pants, my hair in a top knot, sipping on Spark and makeup-less, I can say without a doubt I wasn’t expecting …  that.

But, however disheveled I looked, you looked divine. Unrolling your mat with such ease and entering each posture with grace.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way in yoga. I’m able to balance on one leg, maintain ‘crow pose’ and hold a deep lunge for long counts of 8 (thank you, spin). However, it is safe to say, I’m no long-legged Gisele.

I digress.

While I admittedly have a challenging time maintaining a clear mind during my practice, you sexy man, were almost like focal point for me. I was able to keep stressful thoughts about work and life outside of my brain for 60-minutes.

So thank you.

I may never see you again, and undoubtedly will never speak to you — as I don’t really go to yoga to be social, it is my personal escape.

But if I do see you downward dogging on the mat next to mine, I will simply smile and know that on a random Tuesday in February you helped me hold my yogi attention.

And for that, I thank you.